Project Services - Construction

APT Project Services offers a dedicated project management service for

    • Residential – custom new builds
    • Residential – renovations, additions & associated siteworks including driveways, retaining walls, drainage, debris removal or re-siting of existing buildings
    • Commercial or Retail – interior fitouts & refurbishments

Project Management

Our strength is the coming together of technical knowledge, experience prioritizing, costing and planning, and implementing a pre-programmed program of works, with

  • a no surprises approach
  • firm costs control & time management of trades
  • highly cost effective procurement of services & materials
  • regular clear communication with the client and with the trades, materials & service providers & contractors

through the project lifecycle, ensuring successful Practical Completion of all elements & stages of the project on time and on budget

Our Aim

APT is attentive to our clients’ brief and requirements. As well as formulating budgets and assisting clients refine their brief to meet specific budgetary constraints, the Service we provide takes several forms ranging from typical projects where we appoint relevant trades to complete an agreed scope of works to those where the design planning and construction process is managed on their behalf, through to interior fitouts and facilitating installation of furniture or fittings and security and signage as required

Projects we can assist with range from single standalone new house builds or renovations, duplex or multi-unit housing or apartments, pre-fabricated modular units, to offices and commercial or retail buildings, churches and other moderately complex projects

We work collaboratively with clients to realise their project with a view to extracting greatest value for the investment without compromising quality and design function

Our Works

pole foundation
vehicle crossings
steel bridging
concrete pad
partial demolition for house re-siting
retention or detention tanks
concrete slab
driveway widening
site drainage
boundary retaining walls
bedroom addition
drainage installation
temporary prop support
wastepipe replacement
steel post and beam
building relocation
roof trusses and framing