EZI Multiplus 4 litres (3.8kg)
EZI Multiplus 4 litres (3.8kg)

Standard Slurry Bonding Coat most suitable for bonding standard cement sand floor screeds or render to smooth or dense concrete, steel surface etc.

Mix 1 part multibond with 1.5 parts cement. Apply screed when this bonding coat is still tacky

Additive for renders and screed for increased water resistance, toughness, flexibility, and reduced drying shrinkage

Standard Primer for use on more absorbent surfaces such as concrete, plasterboard, cement boards, cement renders etc.

Coverage: 30m2/litre

Mix Ratio:
6-7L/ 20kg Tile Adhesive
7-8L/ 25kg Tile Adhesive

Technical Data Sheet:
MultiPLUS Tech Data

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EZI SBR Bond 4 litres (3.8kg)
EZI SBR Bond 4 litres (3.8kg)

Designed to be applied on substrates to further enhance the adhesion of tile adhesives. Designed to enhance the physical properties of cement screeds and plaster. Improves water resistance and reduces water permeability. Can also be used on building boards, vinyl, plywood or any existing non-absorbent surface and tile directly on top without removing existing flooring (Use neat).

High performance primer/ bonding agent

Patching and repair of concreted Areas. (Use 1:3 Cement: sand mix plus SBR neat allows feather edging)

Solid Plaster Splatter Coat to Block wall (use 1 part SBR:4 parts water and 9 parts plaster slurry)

Plaster Primer(Dilute 1:4 SBR: water) to prime plaster prior to painting

Technical Data Sheet:
SBR Tech Data

Coverage: 30m2/litre (If use As primer)

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